451 Research is a global research and advisory firm. We generate the data-driven insight that empowers technology and service providers, IT leaders and financial professionals to capitalize on their market opportunity.

          S&P Global Acquires 451 Research

          We are excited to announce that 451 Research has been acquired by S&P Global. This acquisition will accelerate the expansion of our highly differentiated and proprietary research into high-growth emerging technologies and support our mission to provide essential intelligence to help clients make decisions with conviction. Read more >


          • Understand & engage your customers with insight into the mind of your buyer, competitive landscape, and market opportunity.

          • Maximize your business value with insight into the innovative technologies, business models, and market dynamics driving your industry.

          • Use our proprietary market and deal data to make your investment, alliance and acquisition decisions with confidence.

          • Make informed decisions about the innovative technologies and companies that enable your IT transformation plan.


          Analyst insight is delivered across eight Research Channels aligned to the prevailing topics and technologies driving digital transformation.


          Put your finger on the pulse of the digital economy.

          Our analyst team engages directly with IT industry leaders to understand the innovative technologies and competitive dynamics that drive market disruption.

          Technology & Business Insight

          Long-form reports that provide a holistic view, coupled with detailed perspective, into key market drivers.

          Market Insight

          Concise reports, delivered on a daily basis, track the competitive landscape and the evolution of enterprise technologies.


          Learn about where the market is really headed, and why.

          Each quarter we survey members of the 451 Alliance: an invitation-only community of business leaders, IT professionals, and forward-thinking consumers. Survey results are made fully available, and are complemented by our analysts' insight, giving you a longitudinal view of what's driving market demand.

          Voice of the Enterprise

          Leveraging 60,000+ senior IT professionals and robust data-collection methodologies, we provide rapid, relevant, and predictive insight on customer sentiment, technology choices, and spending plans across key markets.

          Featured Insight

          Strategic Approach to Hybrid IT Environments

          Voice of the Connected User Landscape

          Leveraging a 25,000+-member leading-indicator panel, we've successfully tracked and predicted the market impact of disruptive and emerging changes in mobile technology end-user buying behavior for 15+ years.


          Understand the size, scope and players within key markets.

          Our data team is relentless in their pursuit of accurately building market size, share and forecast data for emerging segments of the enterprise technology marketplace. And via industry-informed economic analysis, we can provide transparency into the complex pricing models of public clouds.

          Market Monitor & Forecast

          Providing size, share and forecast data for evolving technology markets, our Market Monitor & Forecast service exploits our analysts' insight into both startups and established technology vendors to provide a deep and unified view of some of the most disruptive segments in the enterprise and the supply-side of mobile technology.

          Featured Insight

          Application container market revenue expected to quadruple by 2021

          Cloud Price Index

          Transparency into the complex pricing models of the public clouds: helping buyers assess the value of available options, and sellers build a competitive pricing strategy.

          The Cloud Price Index (CPI) is the most rigorous and comprehensive analysis of the cost of cloud computing in the industry. For the first time, buyers have complete transparency into the complex pricing models of public clouds, including analysis of the total cost of ownership (TCO).


          Make the right strategic decisions and engage your customers.

          Our consulting team is ready to support your critical decisions with prescriptive advice. We will draw conclusions from our wealth of data-driven insight or field proprietary research studies. We can also fuel your marketing engine with custom, co-branded content crafted to engage your target audience and build trust.

          Case Study

          Building a Hyperscale Mobile Cloud Platform Strategy


          Make your investment, alliance and acquisition decisions with confidence.

          Our online M&A database, supported by a team of IT market analysts, tracks 650 tech sectors and provides proprietary data including values for key emerging technology deals, giving clients more leverage in their valuation discussions. Related analysis digs deep into deal rationales and a separate database provides rich profiles of some of the most disruptive privately held companies in the market.

          M&A KnowledgeBase

          Illuminate the world of private companies

          A valuation database of nearly 50,000 tech transactions plus proprietary intelligence on private companies from inception through liquidity.

          Featured Insight

          Meet the new buyer of your tech company

          Market Insight

          Sales software sparks M&A in move from transactional to engaging

          There's a growing bench of well-funded startups that provide analytics into the sales process, coupled with engagement tools such as sales content, communication, and configuration, pricing and quotes (CPQ).

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